305 Miami Boat Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there some products that can't be brought on boats?

Safety is always our priority since we cannot put our employees or visitors in any sort of danger and risk. More precisely, according to USCG regulations, it is against the law for anyone to use fireworks on a boat. Therefore, it is advised to not bring any kind of products that can harm you and other people onboard.

Do The Passengers Have Life Jackets?

Yes, we are equipped with both adult and child life jackets in order to provide the utmost safety to our guests. You will be provided with life jackets before starting off your voyage.

What Are The Procedures For Weather-Related Cancellations?

According to USCG laws, if we observe severe thunderstorms, strong winds, or an unexpected extreme climate alert, we can either cancel the voyage and issue a full refund or rearrange your charter depending on our availability.

Our captains have the last say on whether to cancel or to carry on with the journey on waters. Our captains won't take you out if the weather makes it unsafe to be on a boat. However, we do not cancel the boat rentals if it is merely a little rain shower or gloomy outside.

What Should I Pack For A Boat Hire And What Should I Wear?

Due to the unpredictability of Miami's weather and the fact that it might get chilly when the wind is high (at night), we advise our guests to bring an additional layer of clothing. We also advise them to wear non-marking shoes or sandals and make sure to avoid booties or heels. Don't forget to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat for the humid climate in Miami.

Can I Carry My Own Snacks And Drinks?

You are invited to bring along any extra food or drinks that you'd like. In the case that you would want us to provide meals for your trip, we can offer catering alternatives.


You may keep your drinks, food, and ice in the complimentary cooler provided by Miami VIP Boat Rental. No drugs of any type are permitted on board, and intoxicated conduct is not acceptable! Remember: Alcohol is much riskier on the water than it is on land. Motion, engine noise, vibration, wind, sun, and the sea environment all hasten a drunken person's impairment.

What Happens If I Decide To Cancel My Charter?

You have up to seven days before your contract to cancel. It must be communicated in writing; email is also acceptable. Your deposit will be reimbursed less a (add amount) merchant processing and administrative fee if you cancel less than 7 days prior to the departure time of your charter. Make sure to inform us as soon as possible if you want to cancel your order.

When Should I Show Up For My Boat Rental?

The customer must be at the pier at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the excursion in order to complete the documentation needed for all boat rentals. Please be advised that the time will begin at the time that has been set aside.

What Documents Would Be Required For A Boat Rental in Miami?

Bring your ID/ Drivers License/ Passport with you.